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customer testimonials

Lukas Knöfler.jpg

"For me, the drum safari is the best school on the market to start a successful drumming career. Super playalongs, a well thought-out didactic structure, beautiful and funny layout. Heart, what more could you want :-) It's even better: the kids just go along with it Enthusiasm for it!"

Mag. Lukas Knöfler drum teacher at the Staatz Music School, AT

Photo: Klaus Mittermayr


"My students think the drum safari is great and I'm a real fan too! It's really fun! I've also used the music for the music school, a clear PLUS there too! I also use the material for percussion (cajon, etc.)

A teaching aid not only for percussionists!"

Martin Dürrenmatt drum teacher music school  Aarburg and Oftringen, CH

Photo: Martin Dürrenmatt

sabine pyrker klein.jpeg

"I think the drum safari is terrific! Especially for the young 6-10 year old drummer beginners, in my opinion, it is THE school that was missing on the market. Colourful, funny and also pedagogically well prepared, with a continuous theme and great play Alongs from the beginning!Since I've been on maternity leave for the last two years, I've only just started with my new students.But it's already becoming apparent that the children enjoy the drum safari and it's a very motivating school.The drawings are It's also very funny and the kids laugh a lot about it!Playing the drums is supposed to be fun - and this book does that.
So congratulations on this masterpiece! I can imagine that you invested EXTREMELY a lot of time and money - it was definitely worth it!"


Sabine Pyrker-Eitelberger MA music school Grein and Schwanenstadt, AT

Photo: Manuel Tabacchi

Klaus Weber 2.jpg

"I really have to say that I'm very enthusiastic! I personally enjoy teaching a lot more this year and my students notice that too. The whole lesson has changed positively just because of the playalongs!"

Klaus Weber drum teacher MS Martinsberg, Ottenschlag, Böheimkirchen, AT

Photo: Markus Dörfler

Christian Grobauer Foto neu klein.jpg

"In my more than 20 years of teaching I have not come across anything comparable with which I can introduce students to drumming faster, easier and more entertainingly. The fun factor is very important, especially for younger drummers!"

Christian Grobauer drum teacher music school Hollabrunn, AT

Photo: Clemens Sainitzer

Hannes Reiterer Foto klein.jpeg

"I am very enthusiastic about the drum safari. 

What I like the most is that the students play with music from the first lesson (and they have 3 different tempos to choose from!). I also find that the different stages increase motivation. Of course, my students enjoy it too."  

Hannes Reiterer drums teacher at the Institute for Music Education Bozen South Tyrol, IT

Photo: Bernhard Aichner

Moritz Mayer klein.png

"I have been able to observe very good learning progress with this book so far. The little ones in particular really enjoy the songs. The notated word syllables and the playalongs help the students to understand the rhythmic texts quickly."  

Moritz Mayer drums teacher at the Roli Elmer drum school in Affoltern aA and for the Sins region music school in the communities of Auw, Oberrüti and Sins. CH

Photo: Moritz Mayer

Markus Gruber klein.jpeg

"Dear Hermann, I congratulate you on your bookstrommel safari 1 & 2.
They have now taken an important place in my teaching.
I've been using the drum safari 1 in class for over 2 years now
and I have to say it is one of the few books that you can read bit by bit in normal music school lessons,
can use progressively! You really made it super playful, creative and above all child-friendly.
The students (some of them from the age of 5!) are fully involved right from the start.
Recently I've also been using the drum safari 2,
in which classic snare technique and rudimentary technique shake hands in an easily understandable form
(they are allowed to do this even in Corona times...).
Not to forget the really well composed and produced backing tracks!

Markus Gruber Percussion Teacher Music Schools of the Province of Carinthia, AT

Photo: Günter Krammer

Rainer Lidauer klein.jpg

"The drum safari has become an integral part of my lessons"

Rainer  Lidau drum teacher  Franz Schmidt Music School in Perchtoldsdorf, AT

Photo: Christoph Scheffel

Bernold Wiesmayer.jpeg

“I have both drum safari books and I am very excited!

Especially some tracks in the second volume, such as Rocket-fire: it has such an epic character that can be celebrated with several students, especially in terms of ensemble technology... with floor toms or bass drums instead of snares... at least it was well received.

What I like to use again and again is the APP!

It works great for me and makes it real for most students

it makes sense to get such direct feedback from the device at home."

Bernold Wiesmayr drums teacher at the Landesmusikschule Scharnstein, AT

Photo: Bertold Wiesmayr

Johannes Forstreiter.jpeg

"First of all - the books are amazing! At the moment I mainly have younger students who are very enthusiastic about the songs. 
The playalongs in particular are designed with great attention to detail and do not sound like 0 8 15 playalong tracks!!
The second volume immediately smiled at me, especially because of the drawings, and here again - great ideas regarding playalongs - I, as a teacher, also have a lot of fun rehearsing the songs.

The app motivates and the kids can't wait to get 100 percent on every song. 

Thank you for your work! Makes everyday teaching a lot easier and brighter!"

Johannes Forkampfer drum teacher St. Pölten, AT

Photo: Klaus Engelmayer

Martin Köhler.jpg

"I think the concept is brilliant and only teach snare drums with the drum safari"

Martin Köhler percussion teacher Innsbruck Music School, AT

Photo: Ya-Wen Koehler-Yang

Daniel Pleschberger.jpg

"I 'm really happy with the drum safari 1, I've been looking in vain for a school like this for years...

Now of course I'm really looking forward to the second part :-)"

Daniel Pleschberger drums teacher music schools of the province of Carinthia, AT

Photo:  Tipmedia / krivograd

Thomas Neuböck.jpg

"The books (TS 1+2) are really popular, I always take the book in class, most of them then use the app at home.

Occasionally - if you forgot all the things again ;-) , we play with the  apartment 

Optically super prepared. It's really fun. 

the warm-ups and rudiments can also be used very well, and it's not as monotonous for the students as it is often in other books.


Really well done. (But there is a lot of work inside ;-)  


TS 1 for beginners is absolutely the best I've used in my previous (35 years ;-)) teaching time.

and TS 2 then continuing."

Thomas Neuböck drums teacher music school Bad Goisern, AT

Photo: Thomas Neuböck

Daniel Schwenger klein.jpeg

Absolutely awesome!


I have a student right now who has a learning disability and since reading this book he's really gotten back into it and really wants to play. The graphics are also very valuable and round off the whole thing perfectly.


The accompanying tracks are also super awesome, especially that they are also very slow tempi.

Daniel Schwenger drums and percussion school Funky Beat, DE

Photo: Roland Guth

Bild David Krähenmann 2.png

"I am enthusiastic about the drum safari. The booklet hit some of the students like a bomb and they are actually enthusiastically practicing snare drums for the first time (sometimes entire stages in one week) :) I consider the concept to be methodologically revolutionary, at least I have until Haven't found anything similar yet and I think this can be a real game changer in drum lessons in what is otherwise considered a rather "dry" area by students."

David Krähenmann drum teacher Baselland, CH

Photo: David Krähenmann

Tim Beck Feedback.jpg

"Motivates the students incredibly. Everyone wants 100 points in the exercises! Voluntary practice guaranteed!"

Tim Beck, drum teacher and music school director, DE

Photo: BlendePIPhotography

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