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The full version of the app is currently available at a promotional price of only 14.99€, with no subscription or hidden costs!

The full version of the app is not included in the price of the book.

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Practice better

The Trommelsafari app is your perfect tool for practicing. It listens to your playing and provides real-time feedback on your accuracy and timing. Game elements provide more motivation and success while practicing. The educational structure is based on the popular drum book "Trommelsafari Snare Drum Level 1". 


Who is the app for?  

- Percussion beginners from 6 years 

- Music teachers for a contemporary and effective teaching 

– For those who want to learn rhythm and music reading 


What is included? 

- 148 exciting songs 

- 71 valuable exercises 

- 32 cool quiz tasks 

- Pedagogical structure from the absolute beginner to the advanced musician (note values ​​up to sixteenths, flams, rolls, etc ...) 

- Animal syllable language for child-appropriate learning of the notes 

- Learning how to read notes with real score (repetition marks, D.S. al Coda jump, brackets, lazybones, etc ...) 

- All learning content packed playfully as a safari trip 

- Practice time and achievement indicator, Achievements,


How does it work?


The app is listening to your drumming and gives real-time feedback on your timing. The end of the exercise is followed by insightful feedback and the popular scoring. This makes practicing much more effective and more fun! 

The drum safari app works best with a practice pad, especially for fast notes.

The exercises can also be played with dampened drums or percussion instruments. Even clapping is possible because the sound is detected by the microphone. This way, every music and rhythm lesson can be enriched!


The Trommelsafari is available as a book and app and was developed for individual and group lessons in music schools. The combination of book and app is unique and very practical for music teachers. 

Free version / Pro version: 

The free version includes selected exercises which can be tested. Purchasing the Pro version gives you access to all the exercises and lets you take full advantage of the app. There are NO OTHER APP PURCHASES OR HIDDEN COSTS after purchasing the Pro version once! 

Technical requirements: 

Operating system: Android 7.0 or higher 

Memory: approx. 400MB free memory (for the download a W-lan connection is recommended!). 

Performance: Trommelsafari needed for the evaluation as well as for the presentation of sufficient computing power which may not exist on older or cheaper devices. Please make sure that the free version on your device works properly before you decide to buy. 

Do you have any questions, feedback or suggestions for us? 

We look forward to your message!

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